Saturday, September 27, 2014


Hello, Rescuers!

This post is all about different types of rewards.
I hope you enjoy it!

There are actually several different types of reward systems.

·        There is the clicker, a small plastic box (small enough to fit in your palm) that makes a loud, sharp, clicking sound. You press this when your dog does something correctly and you follow the click with a small treat. This counts as two-part reward.
·        The next is the treat-cycle. This includes your dog doing something right, being rewarded with a treat and moving on. Almost every dog knows that treats are positive interactions. As long as the dog trusts you and likes the treat, they will accept their reward graciously.
·         Another type of reward is called toy reward. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, allergies, weight issues or cannot digest many treats, this is a good alternative. You start off by finding a toy (it doesn’t matter what kind it is) that your dog loves. When your dog does something correctly you reward the behavior by giving your dog a toy. And, for added fun, have your dog fetch the toy and play tug-of-war for a timed amount (40-60 seconds works best).
·        Lastly is the simplest reward of all: praise. If you haven’t found a treat or toy that your dog is especially driven towards, this is perfect. It’s very basic: once your dog does something correctly, reward with touch (if your dog enjoys it) or your voice (if your dog prefers that). If your dog is more touch-driven, pet him gently. Talk encouragingly. If your dog is more voice-driven. Say the word ‘good’ and then the command that your dog preformed. Then say ‘good’ and your dog’s name.

Never use rest as a reward. If you're practicing agility, anything active, or really just any training at all--rest should be a given! The final idea is a must in positive-reinforcement dog training. Whatever basic reward you choose (praise, clicker, treat-cycle or toy praise) you should end the reward with saying ‘good’ and then the command that your dog did. Include your dog’s name and your dog’s focus will be on you and each trick will become a positive interaction.