Saturday, October 18, 2014

First Command: Sit

Hi, Rescuers!

I hope you've enjoyed my few posts so far. I've been working diligently on writing my first way to teach sit. So: here it is!


  1. Before you start your training, spend time (at least an hour) keeping an eye on your dog. When you see your dog sitting down, praise them. Say, “Good, sit! Good, sit!” Surely, they will wag your tail as long as you’re not being very loud. But make a show (if you don’t have a shy and fearful dog) and pretend like you won a million dollars. But, as a warning, don’t be loud because it will really confuse your dog because they might think that you’re yelling at them and they’re being punished. If you have a very shy dog, smile and sit down to be at their level. Pet them gently and say softly, “Good sit, puppy. Good, sit.”

  1. Obviously, Step 1 won’t be your only instruction, so here is how to train your dog officially sit once they’ve got the basics. So set up a training session in a familiar area and start teaching them sit. First, start off by asking them to sit down. If they are 100% utterly confused, don’t be upset. The first step doesn't always work for every dog and it will rarely teach the dog ‘sit’ without the other steps, but it’s still a great idea to try it for your dog to get the hang of the trick.
  2. Next, grab a 'TRAINING TREAT'. Hold it about 1 inch from their snout and, once they gain interest, guide the dog into the sit position. Move your hand over the head and lead the dog into 'SIT'.